About me

I love English grammar and I maintain a grammar and usage website: http://www.aimpublishing.com.

I was the “lost sheep” that Jesus referred to in Luke 15:3–7.

I once saw Jesus in my dream; I walked up to Him and touched His forearm. His flesh was soft and bouncy.

Can you see the frozen heart in the header image? I was flying back home one time. As I was unable to sleep, I started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplets. After praying, I looked out the window and saw something unbelievable. I immediately took out my camera to take a shot. I almost missed it.

February 24, 2016 Update

When I started my blog, I thought I had quite a good grasp of what Christianity is about. I was studying the Bible, the supposedly end-all of Christian faith. Truth be told, the Bible doesn’t give answers to my questions regarding Christianity. Not until I started reading The Word of God did I realize how ignorant and naive I was. I haven’t finished reading all the proclamations yet, but I am happy to say that I have finally found the answers to many of my questions.

If you have never heard of the proclamations received through Bertha Dudde, I urge you to read them. You will find unsurpassed treasure.

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