Some Questions Ex-Christians and Non-Christians Ask

There are many questions that ex-Christians and non-Christians ask. I shall attempt to answer some.

  • What happened to the people who died before Yeshua died on the cross? Did they go to Hell?

    I do not believe those people went to Hell. I believe they entered the Kingdom of the Beyond, where they were given the opportunity to accept Yeshua. Their deeds on earth determined their status in the Kingdom of the Beyond.

    Anyone who has not gathered spiritual treasures for himself on earth and thus enters the gates of the beyond empty-handed is one of the poorest in the spiritual kingdom … To enter the kingdom on the other side blessed with such possessions is truly most desirable as it assures your eternal life in the spiritual kingdom, a life of activity which can only be called enjoyable and will be felt by you as a great blessing. But those who enter completely empty-handed will find it very difficult to acquire spiritual wealth even though it is not entirely hopeless. Even there the gospel will be taught to the soul but, as it is on earth, the soul is not forced to accept it; as it is on earth, acceptance depends on the will of the soul which, however, is extraordinarily weakened and cannot make the right decision without the help of additional strength …. (The Word of God, Proclamation 4455)

  • What happens to people now who don’t know about God? Will they be judged even though they never had the chance to accept Yeshua?

    I believe these people too will be judged in accordance to their deeds on earth. In the Kingdom of the Beyond, they too will be given the opportunity to accept Yeshua. Here on earth, accepting Yeshua does not mean going to church and observing external rites and customs. Accepting Yeshua means living a life of love.

    … Yet you are still far removed from true piety as long as you do not accept your fellow human beings with love, which also demonstrates your love for Me, as long as you let your fellow human beings next to you live in utmost hardship and distress, as long as you do not attempt to help them first before you flatter yourselves with outward gestures, before you pay homage to the world through mundane pomp, through everything that you call “in honour of Me”. (The Word of God, Proclamation 5982)

  • If God loves everyone and is good, why does He let nice people suffer and die?

    Yes, it does seem unloving of God to let unfortunate events happen to good people. However, I believe suffering and death are meant not only to remind everyone of the transience of earthly life but also to reflect on the purpose of earthly life. The death of earthly life is not the end of the immortal soul.

    … And because your earthly life lasts only a short time, it is necessary that such painful and depressing occurrences must take place frequently, often one after another, so that you may obtain blessings from them and that you look upon your life carefully and earnestly, and that you turn more and more away from the world and its attractions, which are a danger to you …. (The Word of God, Proclamation 0373)

    … And so your earthly existence cannot always be led through peaceful paths, storms may roar over you and often you will be discouraged by such events that come upon you. This purification, however, will not take place if a man’s earthly existence is lived without any struggles …. (The Word of God, Proclamation 6987)

    … Consequently, if you humans experience heavy strokes of fate they are only intended to make you come alive; forego mere formality and start thinking more about God, Who created you; start pondering why you are living on earth, and then voluntarily surrender yourselves to the power to Which you owe your life; because your indifferent attitude to Me will not result in your spiritual advancement …. (The Word of God, Proclamation 8673)

    The death of the body is not the end of the soul. People fail to realise and believe this and therefore do not evaluate earthly life in accordance with My Will. … The immortality of soul makes the meaning and purpose of earthly life understandable, and only then is it possible for the human being to change himself, to regard the life of the soul as more important than the life of the body. (The Word of God, Proclamation 3699)

There are many questions to which the Bible has no answer. I wish someone had asked Yeshua those questions.

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