Violence, War and Destruction

Every day we hear about violence, war and destruction. It therefore begs the question: Why is there never-ending violence, war and destruction?

The answer is actually quite simple. God created the material world to shelter us, the fallen spirits, so that we can eventually return to Him. The material world, however, belongs to Satan, whose goal is to thwart God’s plan of Salvation, that is, to forever enslave the fallen spirits and the spiritual substances bound in matter.

Everything visible to your eyes testifies to God’s love; it was created to help the fallen substance, to elevate it from its sunken state, and therefore every work of Creation should be seen as an emanation of divine love and be respected and valued accordingly. None of God’s creations may be wilfully destroyed, for then its function, its intended purpose, will be prevented. (The Word of God, Proclamation 3300)

Everything that is transient in the world belongs to My adversary, that is, all matter shelters imperfect spirits which My adversary once turned against Me and which therefore still oppose Me. Material Creation came into being through My will, and he has no authority over it. And yet this world belongs to him, for he can boast that the spiritual substances bound in matter are the product of his will. (The Word of God, Proclamation 4965)

Satan on his own cannot wreak havoc. He needs human beings to do his dirty work, and will use all means to do so.

My adversary has no control over the spiritual substances which are still bound in matter. However, he tries to use it all the more on the final material form which shelters the spiritual being, on the human being in the stage of free will. He cannot force the human being to become enslaved by him, yet he can seduce him in every way and try to cause him to maliciously destroy material creations as well. Thus he uses the human being to accomplish his will after all: the destruction of matter. (The Word of God, Proclamation 4965)

He tries to arouse or to increase the human being’s greed for matter and thereby also trigger instincts in him which do not shy away from destroying matter in order to enrich himself or to amass possessions, thereby taking their actual purpose of releasing themselves through being of service away from them, because the human being himself prevents the inherent spiritual substance from being helpful. (The Word of God, Proclamation 4965)

God values construction. Satan incites destruction.

Every work of Creation by God or by a human being who just wants to work constructively should be respected. The destructive principle denotes the actions of God’s adversary. (The Word of God, Proclamation 3300)

To destroy such creations results in the interruption of the spirit’s progress of development and can never be justified before God, as in fact all destruction of matter has to be motivated by love to be justifiable before God. Consequently, if destruction takes place for the purpose of producing objects which are helpful to people, which serve a useful purpose, the destruction is justified for the love of other people. (The Word of God, Proclamation 3300)

God demands love for one’s neighbour. Satan encourages love for oneself at the expense of others.

Thus unkindness is the soul’s eternal ruin, for a soul who still languishes in profound darkness is wretched. It has become a victim of the one who is devoid of love himself and also wants to prepare this state for souls who allow themselves to be influenced by him, who are full of self-love and only ever treat their fellow human beings unkindly, because they are seduced by Satan, because he wants to transfer his own feelings to people in order to enslave them. Unkindness is the death of the soul; it poisons people’s thoughts, so that the results of thinking are lies and ill will which generate acts of hatred and in turn will result in evil again. (The Word of God, Proclamation 5322)

And neither can it be otherwise, for where there is love there is God, where unkindness and hatred reveal themselves there is Satan. (The Word of God, Proclamation 5322)

God is where love is. Satan is where hate is. Satan’s goal is to deprive us of the opportunity of returning to God. As long as the world lacks love, Satan is in control and there will be never-ending violence, war and destruction.

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