Do Pets Go to Heaven?

Do pets go to heaven? This is a question that is asked by every Christian pet owner when a beloved pet dies.

True, pets have personalities and feelings. True, pets have a soul. However, pets do not have self-awareness, nor are they given free will.

This differentiates the human being from the animal, which is already far advanced in its development but which, until its final incarnation as a human being, will always remain a being that is subject to the law of compulsion and incapable of self-determination, irrespective of how intelligent it appears to be. It has not yet regained its self-awareness and therefore not reached the final stage of embodiment either. But it will reach the final stage, for every soul will sooner or later accept its path of earthly life when it embodies itself as a human being and is conscious of its ego. (The Word of God, Proclamation 7413)

Your life as a human being is the last stage in the development of the once fallen entity which is personified as the “soul” within you and which, still enclosed in a physical external shape, can now overcome it and leave this form to enter the spiritual kingdom as a spiritual being. During this earthly existence the last transformation into the original entity can take place again if free will is used correctly, that is, if it consciously strives to return to Me again, Whom it had once left voluntarily. (The Word of God, Proclamation 8414)

Pets are in our lives for a reason. They are there so that we can learn to be kind and empathetic. They are there so that we can learn to love selflessly and unconditionally.

Yes, pets have a soul, but their soul do not go to heaven when they die. Their soul must incarnate as a human being in its last embodiment on Earth, whose earthly purpose is to return to God of his own volition.

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