Faith Healing

What is faith healing? According to Oxford Dictionaries, “faith healing is healing achieved by religious belief and prayer rather than by medical treatment.”

Faith healing is not a cure-all. Faith healing can never heal an amputee, but it doesn’t mean that faith healing cannot heal. There have been many testimonies of faith healing, but many people still consider faith healing a quack cure.

Personally, I have experienced faith healing on more than one occasion:

  • I had a firm 1.5-inch oval lump in the back of my right thigh. I felt pain whenever I sat on a chair. Because I was afraid of the diagnosis, I didn’t go to see a doctor. Instead, I put my trust in Jesus and asked Him to heal me. The lump was gone in two weeks.
  • I was on a sightseeing trip. In my hurry to catch the train, I tripped myself and fell face down on the pavement. The moment I fell I called upon Jesus to help me. Even though my left ankle was sprained, I did not experience any pain and I was able to walk for many hours in the days that followed.
  • I hurt my left leg when I had another fall about a month ago. This time, however, I forgot to call upon Jesus for help. I massaged the bruised area, but the inflammation and swelling got worse. Then I remembered to call upon Jesus to heal me. The swelling went down and I was right as rain within two weeks.
  • I had accidentally swallowed a small fish bone while eating lunch. The fish bone got lodged at the back of my throat. I was in China at the time. There was nothing I could do except pray hard to God in the name of Yahawashi. The fish bone was gone the next morning [added on October 17, 2017].

It is true that some children are dying because their parents believe in faith healing. In a review of the deaths of 172 children where medical care was withheld on religious grounds, Dr. Seth M. Asser and Dr. Rita Swan found that “[o]ne hundred forty fatalities were from conditions for which survival rates with medical care would have exceeded 90%.”

It was also reported a few years ago that a U.S. couple opted for prayer instead of medical treatment to heal their oldest son, with the consequence that they lost not only their sick son but also their remaining six children, who became wards of the state.

Faith healing can heal if we put our trust in Jesus. I do not believe that we should go to someone who claims to be a faith healer. We must ask Jesus for help and let Him heal us. I believe faith healing can cure cancer and a variety of chronic diseases. However, when children have fever, flu symptoms or persistent pain, parents must take them to the doctor.

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