Only Jesus Can Heal Drug Addicts

It is reported in the local news that deaths due to illicit drugs are up 75 percent in British Columbia. Public health officials have declared a public health emergency and Vancouver Coastal Health is considering five new supervised drug consumption sites. However, more drug consumption sites will not solve the problem of drug abuse.

Initially, people use drugs to deal with stress, pain and depression. They use drugs to forget and to escape from their problems. Drugs, however, are just a temporary relief, but addiction is an inevitable consequence.

What most drug addicts don’t know is that they need the help of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of mankind. They need to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and ask Him to forgive their sins. But drug addicts must come to this realization themselves and call upon Jesus of their own free will.

The soul itself must want to escape its hardship and it must; because it is too weak on its own to accomplish its will; call upon Jesus Christ for strength and help. (The Word of God, Proclamation 7482)

Some people have no sympathy for drug addicts and believe that these people deserve to die. However, we should always keep the following in mind:

And you should always remember the soul of a fellow human being if he cannot awaken love in you. The soul’s torments are inconceivable, and I have mercy upon every soul and would like to help it. Nevertheless, I cannot infringe upon its free will; I must allow it to take its own path; you, however, can grant it love and so influence a person that he too can ignite love in himself and thereby reduce his soul’s spiritual hardship. (The Word of God, Proclamation 5432)

As Christians, we can all help in some way. We can give love and send kind thoughts to the drug addicts who live in despair.

You can have an incredibly beneficial effect on all those who live in darkness by merely loving them, by including them in your heart of love and giving them a lot of love, which they will feel with gratitude and reward with love in return. (The Word of God, Proclamation 5635)

Taking methadone is not a cure; methadone is just a less harmful drug. Drug addicts are spiritually poor. Only Jesus Christ can heal their troubled souls.

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