Call Upon Jesus Christ in Every Affliction

It is reported in The Vancouver Sun that a B.C. man says he smuggled drugs to try to save his tiny town. He wants to keep his struggling business alive “because so many residents depend on it for employment”.

On the one hand, the man was trying to help the neighbours he knows; on the other hand, he didn’t realize that he will be harming the neighbours he doesn’t know.

The man most likely doesn’t believe in God, because God tells us to call upon Jesus Christ in every affliction, be it spiritual or earthly.

Call upon Him in every spiritual and earthly affliction. He knows about your suffering, He knows about all human failings and adversities and is willing to help you at all times, and through your call upon Jesus Christ you will be connected with Him again, you will walk the path to Jesus and with Him, and this path will safely lead you to your goal. (The Word of God, Proclamation 6329)

Yes, it is imperative that we follow Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbours in deed, but we should never cause harm to others when doing so.

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