Would God Condone Abortion?

Catholics for Choice is an organization that believes that women have a right to choose and that women should have access to abortion when they need it. It seems to me that by refusing to acknowledge that human life begins at conception, the people at Catholics for Choice think they can in good conscience ignore the Sixth Commandment of God, which states:

Thou shalt not kill. (Exodus 20:13)

It is a sad fact that pro-choice Christians and Catholics believe that a woman’s right over her body is more important than the right of the unborn. For those who are pro-choice, are you even aware of the fact that babies are being murdered—physically strangled or mutilated—or left to die after they were born alive during botched abortions?

It is most unfortunate that pro-choice Christians and Catholics believe that God condones abortion. An interfaith group of clergy even blessed a Cleveland abortion clinic.

Abortion denies the soul of the unborn the opportunity to return to God, to find eternal bliss with Him. Why would God condone it?

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