God’s Love for Us

God loves us, but He is not madly in love with us. The cliche “God is madly in love with you” jarred on my ears the first time I heard it. It still does.

According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, to be in love means to love someone in a ​romantic and ​sexual way. Our parents love us, but they are not in love with us. We love our brothers and sisters, but we are not in love with them.

God loves us because we are His creations. However, we have fallen away from Him. God’s love for us is so great that He incarnated as the human being Jesus and died to redeem us, to free us from Satan’s bondage.

Accepting Jesus as our Saviour is the first step. We have to love God and our neighbour. Loving God means to live in accordance with His will, not our will.

God is still patiently waiting for us to return to Him. We should think about the actual purpose of our earthly life and seek spiritual wealth rather than worldly possessions.

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