The Bent Crucifix

The bent crucifix, designed by Lello Scorzelli, shows an emaciated Jesus Christ with splayed legs. Paul VI was the first pope to use the bent crucifix. Yet he was declared a saint by the Catholic Church. Since then his successors have continued its use.

Visit the above URL and take a good look at the image of the bent crucifix. Don’t you find it offensive to see Jesus Christ being disgraced this way?

Just because the popes carry the bent crucifix around, many Catholics believe it to be a valid sacred symbol. That the bent crucifix is placed on many papal rosaries lends additional credence to this belief.

Some Catholics believe that the bent crucifix is nothing more than an artistic depiction of the crucifix. Some Catholics believe that the distortions express the extreme pain Jesus Christ suffered for our sins. Some Catholics believe that the bent crucifix symbolizes the humility of Christ.

In reality the bent crucifix is an affront to Jesus, who died an excruciating death to atone for our sins. Ask yourself this question: What is the purpose of this hideous depiction of the crucified Christ if not to shame and demean Him?

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