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Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

I did not understand Matthew 8:21–22 when I first read it: And another of his disciples said to him: Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. But Jesus said to him: Follow me, and let the dead … Continue reading

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Washing of the Feet

It was an ancient hospitality custom that the lowliest person in the host’s household should wash the feet of guests before they entered a house. We read in John 13:1–5 that at the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of … Continue reading

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The Bent Crucifix

The bent crucifix, designed by Lello Scorzelli, shows an emaciated Jesus Christ with splayed legs. Paul VI was the first pope to use the bent crucifix. Yet he was declared a saint by the Catholic Church. Since then his successors … Continue reading

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The Chinese Character “Lamb”

John the Baptist knew that Jesus was to be the sacrificial lamb of the New Covenant, as we read in John 1:29, “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who taketh away the sin of the world.” Did you know … Continue reading

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