Infant Baptism

Infant baptism has been the norm in the Catholic Church and Christian churches for centuries, but I disagree with this practice.

First of all, when John the Baptist baptized people to repentance, he baptized adults, not infants. Secondly, Jesus never told his disciples to baptize infants.

Most important of all, we are told the following:

Everything I said during My life on Earth as a human being had a profound spiritual meaning and can never be substituted by external acts. But you do not understand the profound meaning and are satisfied with external customs which can never benefit your soul. Just think of the effects you attribute to “baptism”! You perform a simple external act and are then convinced of its spiritual success: be it the deliverance from the “hereditary sin”, or the admission into My church, the admission into a religious community. But all this has to be gained by the human being himself during his earthly life; he has to voluntarily let himself be delivered from sin through Jesus Christ. Consequently it requires more than just the act of baptism performed on a child. And again, he will only be able to join “My church” voluntarily by consciously living his life as My follower, in order to gain a living faith through love, the characteristic of the church founded by Me. (The Word of God, Proclamation 8688)

Infant baptism is a kind of religious coercion, which can never help the soul of the infant.

I never gave My disciples the task to spread My teaching by way of religious coercion because an enforced faith would not benefit the soul’s higher development. Thus enforced faith will not lead you to perfection. (The Word of God, Proclamation 4993)

God gave us free will. Infants should not be robbed of their free will. They should be given the choice to seek God and to return to Him on their own.

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