The Joy in Receiving

I was away for a month. When I returned, the grass on both my front lawn and my backyard was at least two feet high. I managed to cut the front lawn right after my return but was unable to do the backyard because of the weather. Today I took out my inefficient electric lawnmower and attempted to cut the two-foot high grass in my backyard. It was a backbreaking task.

My neighbour was cleaning the windows of his house when he saw me trying to mow through the tall grass. Seeing how I struggled to mow the lawn, he offered to finish up for me. I thought for a second. I wanted to refuse him, but then I thought, there is joy in giving and there is joy in receiving.

I don’t know whether my neighbour is a Christian or not, but today he did exactly what Jesus told us to do: to be the light of the world. Not only did he mow and trim my backyard, but he did my front lawn as well.

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